Olivier Carion

I have a genuine passion to make a positive difference in the lives of those I work with; my success only being achieved when the entrepreneurs, businesses owners, and property investors I work with, achieve the goals they want to reach.

My transition to becoming an entrepreneur & personal business mentor began back in 1995 after ten years of providing consultancy and training services to recruitment organisations. I made the decision to build a property portfolio and work with a broader spectrum of businesses to help them recalibrate and grow stronger.

As I’ve grown, my fascination with how people think and behave has grown, which led me to study and qualify as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. I now combine my NLP and business experience working with The Sales Masters Guild to deliver real world personal business growth through the courses, workshops and peer mentoring groups I run, to help ambitious business owners flourish.

I am also a co-founding partner of JRD Property, a property investing business, which has enabled me to secure my retirement plan. I have a special interest in property and helping other property investors to grow their business and develop other sources of residual income to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle.

If you are highly ambitious and you…

★ Want to take your business to the next level

★ Begin creating a higher-income from your business

★ Achieve a better work-life balance

★ Overcome a particular business challenge

★ Or you want to build a successful property business

I would love to connect and learn more about you…